Fashionable Suede Earth Boots For Women

If you are in an area that still has a cold winter season this is the best time to buy your fashionable Earth boots. The suede boots offer great warmth. Lined with faux wool you could not ask for a warmer boot to walk through the snow. Even when walking from your car to the department store or from your car to the office can be enough to make your feet cold for hours.

Keep your feet toasty warm with suede boots from Earth footwear. There are many styles and colors to choose from for women and men. I have a couple of tips to help you get the longest wear out of your new suede boots.

1. Make sure they come with a water/moisture repellent. If not, make this one of the first things you do to protect your boots before wearing them outdoors. You can buy water resistant spray at any shoe store and local retail shop. Make sure it is suitable for suede and leather.

2. During the summer months when you are not wearing your awesome suede boots make sure to store them in a dry and dark place. Even though they may get snow on them never leave them outdoors in the cold weather. This will cause the suede to dry and crack over time.

Not only will you get a longer use from them you will be sure to get your moneys worth. Suede boots are the best footwear for the states with the enormous snow fall. I wore my Earth boots one day for fashion and not warmth and my feet were so hot. These are truly for the below freezing temperature.