A Item Every Boy Should Own

Gone are the days where men had it easy in the fashion department. The time when men could just get up in the morning, grab any old clothes and be on their merry way has long since disappeared. And one of the most difficult aspects of fashion for men occurs in choosing the right kind of mens boots to buy. The good news is that boots are a big-hit in the fashion stakes, the bad news is that they come in such a variety of styles and colours that it is very hard deciding which ones to actually buy, let alone wear.

Although there are many different styles of shoe available for men to buy, they should not neglect the humble boot. Mens boots are still highly fashionable and everyman should have at least one pair. They look great with almost any kind of clothing, they can be worn equally well with tracksuit bottoms, slightly baggy and tucked loosely into the top of the boot, as they can with suits.

In terms of colour, you cannot go wrong with black. Although as a colour people often associated it with a sense of conformity, it is in fact the most stylish of all the colours, understated in a sophisticated way. If you only purchase one pair of mens boots this season, make sure they are black – for those men amongst you who have a larger budget, then buy a few pairs and mix the colours, but always have a pair of black boots – they are the staple diet of any man’s wardrobe. A great benefit to buying black is that they are extremely low maintenance, they rarely look dirty and it is difficult to see scratches and scuff marks – when they do get dirty, simply wash with a damp cloth and that lifts the dirt easily.

Regardless of the occasion, a pair of boots is rarely out of place. If you are dressing up, or dressing down, they often fit the setting – mens boots can be worn to work (either office or factory), to football matches, to the pub, a friend’s house…basically, anywhere you can conceive of. And best of all, you will always look fashionable – providing you wear nice clothes too.

There are many current trends in men’s footwear; brogues are making a huge comeback, for instance. Nevertheless, you will notice that there are always boot varieties on fashionable lines: brogue boots, trainer boots, oxford boots, loafer boots…any type of shoe you can think of probably has a boot variety too.

Men can wear boots with almost anything, wear them with your suit to look stylish and handsome, wear them with your stonewashed denim jeans to look cool, or with chinos to look casual yet glamorous.